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 This image came to me shortly after my father had begun his treatment for cancer. Most of the time I don’t have an intention or idea for creating these works, they just seem to emerge rather organically. This felt more personal however and when it was finished I had the feeling that it was a portrait of him.

Even though he was surrounded and supported by his family this felt like his experience was going to be his to do and his alone. It wasn’t a sad or mournful image rather one of courage and determination while being carried and met with waves of energy.

I had the opportunity to submit this for inclusion in one of Patti Digh’s books, ‘Four Word Self Help’

I had followed her 37days blog for sometime and her story of how her step-father’s sudden death had moved her to take stock of her life and to use her gift with words to “write like hell.”

So to honor her example and inspiration and to honor my dad who encouraged me by how he lived his life till his dying day, I wanted this to be the first image posted on this blog.