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“For some people this is a vampire film, for some people it is a fairy story, and for other people, its a documentary.” (Tilda Swinton)

“Vampires, you know why are we so fascinated by them? I suppose because they live these long long potentially never ending lives. And we’re all so terrified of thinking about mortality that we’d rather think about being immortal. And something about the way they live in the kind of wainscoting of life, you know they’re in the back waters. And one of the things that I love in this film is the idea of invisible lives, invisible work, you know unclaimed work, that feeling of making work and not wanting it to go out into the world but just putting it out into the ether somehow. I think that whole idea of invisibility and yet existing is really beautiful…it feels like a very natural state, this invisible immortal world.” – Tilda Swinton