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Rima Staines of ‘The Hermitage‘ fame and one of my favorite artists is in a new show with a stellar group at Green Hill Arts. Read her post about it here with some nice photos of the grand opening event.

Widdershins – Moorland Mythic Arts

From : Jun 22, 2013 to : Aug 7, 2013

Midsummer – Saturday 22nd June – Wednesday 7th August
Walking “widdershins” (counter-clockwise) is the traditional way to enter the realm of myth and enchantment. Come to Green Hill Arts this summer and let us show you the way…
Widdershins is an exhibition of art works by a group of celebrated and internationally renowned mythical and fantasy artists.

Dartmoor’s landscape is steeped in magic and mystery and it is home to many artists whose work is inspired by mythic themes. Widdershins showcases the work of those who live on Dartmoor (or have local connections), but whose paintings, sculptures, books and films are known far beyond: Hazel Brown, Neil Wilkinson Cave, Brian Froud, Wendy Froud, Paul Kidby, Alan Lee, Virginia Lee, Rima Staines, Terri Windling, David Wyatt.

Widdershins explores local legends, world myth, folklore and faery tales in diverse, surprising ways… and although it all starts ‘Once Upon a Time’, it is definitely not for children only. In addition to the exhibition itself, we have a full programme of mythic, magical events for adults and children. It includes artists’ talks, book-signings, storytelling, puppetry, music and much more.