Be Still, We Can Know Our Lives are True

“Be a gardener and these are your cactus flowers.
Be a farmer and these are your fields.
And as you look at your thorny branches and as you run over your fields you can take pride in the work that you have done and know that it is yours.
As a musician I have spent years working on lyrics, themes and stories.
I’ve worked on the melody, the rhythm and fitting it all closely together.
I’ve been gathering the instruments and recording and mixing with the idea of presenting this 1 song to the listener.
Now all gigs and various movements are posted on YouTube without any discretion, and without anyone asking if it is all right with you to paste your face all over the world. In general there is no fighting city hall, but I will post some of my own songs now with the idea that these are the original thought out recordings the way I meant for people to hear them.
The pictures are from Armenia.”
   –  Mark Olson.

2 responses

  1. Don

    Beautiful song and the lyrics are so moving. So enjoyed it. “My loved one walks on water.” She does.


    March 16, 2014 at 5:19 pm

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