How Metta Can Help You When Meditation is Hindered by Overwhelming Feelings

I thought this was a practical way to help become centered, no matter what your meditation practice is, when storms are passing through.

Metta Refuge

When I woke up this morning, I found my that my breath “anchor” came to mind within just a minute or two, with no conscious impulse to do so. This progress feels like a carryover of last night’s sitting meditation, right before I went to bed, which itself, seemed to be quite a lot of right effort, because my monkey mind was jumping around to all the activities, thoughts, and feelings of my very busy day.

If one were to judge a meditation sitting — something, by the way, fraught with pitfalls and places to get hung up on — I might have thought I hadn’t accomplished much last night. But over the years I have learned not to judge a sitting by some “goal” or by comparison to some previous sitting, especially one where I seemed to effortlessly move to deeper states of concentration, presence, and insight…

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