Modern Love – The Secret World of Frances Ha

Criterion has just released Frances Ha on DVD. A modern love story about a contemporary twenty something trying to find her way in the world. She may seem to be doing so in a narcissistic fashion but Frances is actually moving forward through a courageous self assured series of trials and errors. After being knocked off balance after being abandoned by her best friend, how will Frances find her way back home to herself? A quirky heroines journey that is funny, off-beat and utterly delightful.

Annie Baker in her review for The Criterion Collection begins,

“Frances Ha is a romance. You could even call it a romantic comedy. It’s not a boy-girl romance or a girl-girl romance but a romance between the title character and her capital-S Self: at the end of the film, after a series of obstacles, Frances finally gets to know, and fall in love with, Frances. Cowritten by its director, Noah Baumbach, and its star, Greta Gerwig, Frances Ha (2013) is also that rarest kind of new American movie: one that captures in painstaking detail the way young people talk today while simultaneously paying tribute to the past century of movie aesthetics and mythologies. That combination—of persuasive naturalism and historical fairy dust—is also romantic.”

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