Everything that has a beginning has an end

Where you come to stand

“I would love to live / Like a river flows / Carried by the surprise / Of its own unfolding.” John O’Donoghue

I’m about to do something for myself for the first time in many years.  This song (below) reminds me of a biblical story of being abandoned in the desert. But for me this desert is not imposed by anyone else. It is my own, with parts of myself scattered like dried up bones waiting for some miracle that only water can rejuvenate. This is something I started a few weeks ago. It’s time I gather the scattered parts of myself that still have life in them and discard the pieces that died a long time ago that I carry around with me thinking they are still a valued appendage. I know those dead parts of myself are going to look at me incredulously. But if I don’t abandon them I won’t live. I will have to leave them behind locked away in a place that doesn’t serve me anymore.

My hope is that this shift will unfold organically. Jeppe Dyrendom Graugaard at PatternWhichConnects expands on this idea
“There is a deep connection between the way a flower grows and healthy and flourishing lives. Our only true guide to making sincere choices in life is that silent blossoming. It reveals itself as that which suggests itself in the moment, which doesn’t take a lot of effort and which feels like it just fits the pattern or movement we are in. Which fits the condition of wholeness. The beauty inherent in what we like to call nature is a principle we have been given for sound living, choosing, navigating, creating.”

“But there is also a difference between patterns and harmony. Patterns indicate repetition and when movement becomes habitual, lazy, or neurotic, it is often destructive. Destructive patterns seem to imply a high level of self-reflection on behalf of that which repeats. Harmony, on the other hand, doesn’t really require self-reflection as much as it requires unfolding in communion with the surroundings of that which repeats. This movement in concordance with the surroundings gives the pattern more rhythm. It becomes beautiful in many more dimensions.”

“Emergence is what happens when patterns come together and fall into place. What triggers this falling into place? How did you arrive at these words? Where will you go next?”

“Best word is the silence
Stood by like a brother
Carried on the back
Stood there with the others

Not one of them forgave me
Kept out in the desert
Locked up with the keys
I never knew how it could be

Look what you asked for, don’t be shy
You shouldn’t hide your colors
You shouldn’t hide

Someone laid a hand
Best remembered answer
Where you come to stand
Looking out my window

Not one of them was calling
Swept up in the ashes
Behind summer leaves
I never knew how it should be

Look what you asked for, don’t be shy
You shouldn’t hide your colors
You shouldn’t hide

Everyday rolling by you
Rolling by you

Look what you asked for, don’t be shy
You shouldn’t hide your colors”

Mark Olson / Gary Louris

(play it loud)

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