The Soul’s High and Low Adventure

I think we’re miserable partly because we have only one god, and that’s economics. Economics is a slave-driver. No one has free time; no one has any leisure. The whole culture is under terrible pressure and fraught with worry. It’s hard to get out of that box. That’s the dominant situation all over the world.”  – James Hillman in response to this question – – – “Goethe…remarked that our greatest happiness lies in practicing a talent that we were meant to use. Are we so miserable, as a culture, because we’re dissociated from our inborn talents, our soul’s code?”

We have a seeded self that begins to germinate at birth. Our true goal in life is to become that self.

There’s an African proverb: “When death finds you, may it find you alive.” Alive means living your own damn life, not the life that your parents wanted, or the life some cultural group or political party wanted, but the life that your own soul wants to live. That’s the way to evaluate whether you are an authentic person or not.

Spirit in mythology and traditional cosmology is connected to fire and air, and it rises. Soul is connected to water and earth, and it descends. When we rise with spirit, we get peak experiences and those overviews of life that include moments of freedom. Soul goes the opposite way. Water runs down. The earth has gravity and pulls us to it. The soul wants us to grow down and become deep like a river. When people talk about “connection,” they’re really talking about soul. The real connections are not surface connections. You can have many friends on Facebook, but your real friends are those who know and support your deep self and will remind you when you’re losing touch with your own soul.

What is often missing in modern mass culture is this depth of connection. When you see a culture dividing into simplistic polarities — which is all of our politics nowadays and most of our religion — what’s going on is a loss of soul. People who are in touch with their soul know what they’re supposed to be doing in the world and what their way of contributing to life is, in the same way that people know what music they love and what food they enjoy — not just life-sustaining food, but food that has flavor, that makes you feel nourished, even inspired.

The U.S. has become mired in spiritual materialism. People are substituting material accomplishments or possessions for the things the soul loves, such as music and meaningful speech. The soul even loves suffering when the suffering produces realization. In a mass effort to find superficial comforts and avoid suffering, the whole culture has lost soul.”  – Michael Meade

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    Hi …. your little article on the right .. the limits of control .. is very true of our real selves. I am forever creating in my mind a connection to the many stories I read as a child. For example I sometimes find Alice in Wonderland a fascinating character to add that extra zing to my interactions with angels. When they don’t leave me alone when I want to work .. like the queen of hearts I scold .. off with your heads. Sometimes I am the cheshire cat turning around waving my boomsie and disappearing. Its an amazing way to live a life as an adult … where you never grow old and can create stories for children which is what I have already begun to do. Sometimes they scold me hurry up when I take long to think before I write an article and then I ask them Why I thee Coyote …. W I E Coyote … you know that cartoon of Coyote which we would watch as kids…. who would always run away fast and could never be caught. God showed me this is why he is never in one place but everywhere at the same time …. a lesson profound … but my experience has shown me that God is us and he is in us as our mind and around us as our aura. This is the real reason why people seldom find God … for they never can imagine that God is them. We are the only Gods that are …. for the truth is that our souls never die … it is our energy source …. our light .


    July 17, 2013 at 11:45 am

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