Jarmusch on one aspect of his intuitive film-making style

A great Q & A with Jim Jarmusch worth watching in its entirety.

“While editing a film I don’t try to bludgeon the film into what I wanted it to be or thought it would be. I try to be somewhat Buddhist about it and think, well the film, let it tell me what it wants. Because I’ve been editing numerous times and there will be, say a scene in the film that took 2 days to shoot and it was very difficult and someone on the crew got sick and the camera broke and I WANT that scene in the film. Then I take the scene out and the film is so much happier. It’s like [the film says] I didn’t want that scene. And it’s like DAMN you I worked so hard for that!. And the film says I don’t care what you did. So I let the film speak to me as much as it can, rather than kind of force it. And that can be very helpful”

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